Working to save lives by advocating for public policies that prevent citizens in particular kids from smoking, help smokers quit and protect everyone from secondhand smoke.

Committed nongovernmental organization established in 2009 with a mission of improving lives by informing, involving and empowering public voice in education, health and environmental policies and decision-making processes.

Dedicated staff with different backgrounds who together bring over twenty years of project development and management experience.

Experienced in dealing with policy makers and other institutions related to the education, health and environment protection. For nearly a decade KADC advocates for adoption and implementation of comprehensive public health and environment protection policies that will improve the lives of citizens. KADC is diligently engaged in advocating for better national and municipal policies, development and implementation of health and environment protection policies.

Member of the “European Network for Smoke Prevention” and “Smoke Free Partnership” network of organizations active in health protection from tobacco and tobacco consumption based in Brussels. KADC is also a member of Lawyers’ Circle Forum of the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids based in Washington DC

KADC staff members

Shkumbin Spahija, Executive Director, Email: shkumbin.spahija@kadc-ks.org

Arben Lila, Program Manager, Email: arben.lila@kadc-ks.org

Enis Goxhufi, Finance Manager, Email: enis.goxhufi@kadc-ks.org