Pasojat shëndetësore për burrat

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Shqetësimet shëndetësore për burrat, të shkaktuara nga duhanpirja

Your smoking relationship can have some serious effects on your sexual health. For example, men who smoke may have weaker erections. Smoking contributes to the buildup of fatty deposits in arteries and veins and this damage can reduce blood flow to the penis. Nicotine in tobacco smoke can also alter blood flow required to maintain an erection. The bottom line is that smoking can lead to sexual impotence.

You may think, “I haven’t had any problems so far!” Well guess what? The damage caused by smoking builds up over time. For example, if a man smokes heavily during his teens and twenties, he risks developing erectile dysfunction in his thirties and forties.

Breaking up with smoking now may help prevent future damage.

Smoking is not worth all the potential sexual and health problems. End it now.



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