Pse është kaq e vështirë për ta lënë duhanin?

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You probably have a million reasons for why you smoke.

You might like the taste or feeling it gives you. You might think it relaxes you or helps pass the time. No matter what your reasons are for smoking, if you smoke, you’re probably addicted to the nicotine in tobacco. Period.

Nicotine – the great manipulator.

The nicotine in tobacco is a powerful, highly addictive chemical. Within 10 to 20 seconds of taking a puff on a cigarette, nicotine travels to your brain, causing it to have a temporary high. Over time your brain starts to adjust to the high, causing you to have to smoke more to get the same effect.

The power of nicotine comes from the repeated small doses you give yourself when you smoke. It may seem innocent at first, but if you take 15 puffs from a cigarette and smoke, say, 20 cigarettes a day, that’s 300 drug doses a day or 109,500 doses a year.



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