Fillo aktivitete të reja

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Supporting someone during the break-up process is not easy – Helping others quit smoking

A big challenge is learning how to encourage them without becoming a nag and pushing them off course. This will be difficult, but the reward is worth the effort.

Friend first, smoker second.

Remember how much you hated it when people nagged you to break-up? Don’t be that person. Whether the smoker in your life is ready to break-up or not, show them that you care for them, no matter what. They are your friend or loved one first, and a person who smokes second.

You can’t dump smoking for them.

The decision to dump smoking must be made by the smoker, for their own reasons and in their own time – not because they are being pressured from the outside. Nobody was able to force you to dump smoking, you can’t force anyone else to. It’s not your decision to make, or your relationship to break.

You’ve been there, so be patient.

Be sensitive to the moods and needs of the smoker throughout the break-up. One moment they may want help, the next they may want to be left alone. You know better than anyone what they’re going through, so be patient and be there when they need you. If they slip and have a smoke, don’t make them feel guilty. Let them know you’ll help them when they’re ready to try again.

And call us if you need to. Help is not too far away.

Remember, you can always talk to a Quit Coach at 1 866 366 3667, whether it’s for advice about your relationship with smoking or about someone else’s.