Breathe Freely – Merr frymë shlirë

SDC Project Report_JpegAs the newest country in Europe, Kosovo is struggling with law enforcement in many fields. Oppressed for many years, Kosovo society was not in a position to develop and nurture a law-abiding culture. Adding to this the scarce capacities and lack of clear organizational structure of the implementing authorities, it seems almost impossible to even think about effective enforcement of the new tobacco control policies.

The cultural change will happen if Kosovo citizens get mobilized in support of the enforcement process and actively support the implementing authorities in their day-to-day efforts to enforce the tobacco control law.

Throughout the project duration KADC has created and built a greater cohesion among all stakeholders interested in effective law enforcement increasing the awareness about the cultural change the enforcement of the new Law on tobacco control is bringing in our country.

KADC has organized seven roundtables in seven major municipalities of Kosovo on “The cultural change in our society the enforcement of tobacco control Law is bringing”. The roundtables have brought together representatives of municipal NGO’s, local implementing authorities and media to collaborate and work together in supporting the enforcement of the tobacco control in their municipalities.

The debate and media presence in roundtables has produced local news increasing the awareness of the citizens about the new tobacco control policies and has generated wide public attention for the need to support the enforcement of the tobacco control law.

To improve the enforcement of the tobacco control law in public areas, schools, Government, health and judicial institutions and everywhere else where the law bans smoking there is a need:

  • To initiate and conduct a broad public awareness raising campaign.
  • Utilize the established coordination working groups in their day-to-day work to ensure a smokefree environment in Kosovo and encourage and support the mutual cooperation of central and local inspectorate authorities in their endeavours to ensure the law enforcement throughout Kosovo.
  • Functionalize the rotation of inspectors and conducting joint rotational visits with mixed inspection teams from both central and local level authorities.
  • Increase the awareness of law enforcement efficiency (justice in motion) by publishing the number and content of the executed fines of tobacco control law violations as an essential measure to prevent others in breaking the law.
  • And finally to track reported and filed tobacco control law violation cases in the courts and initiate tobacco case prioritization at the judicial institutions.


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