Duhanpirja pasive

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E vërteta për tymin e dorës së dytë

Smoking can have serious effects on other people too. Take kids for example – they breathe faster and weigh less than adults, so the effects of second-hand smoke are much worse for them. They’re more likely to suffer from:

  • coughing and wheezing
  • painful ear infections
  • asthma and other breathing problems
  • lower level of lung function in childhood

They’re also more likely to develop serious problems with their heart and lungs when they grow up, not to mention they’re at a greater risk of taking up smoking themselves.

Adults who breathe second-hand smoke have a higher risk of heart attack, stroke, cancer and lung diseases such as emphysema or bronchitis.

It’s hard to believe that your relationship with smoking can hurt other people this much, but it can. The quicker you break-up, the better everyone around you will be.

The effect of smoking on your pets.

Your smoking relationship isn’t just tough on your friends and family – it’s also tough on your pets. They often end up ingesting cigarette butts, drinking water that contains cigarettes and breathing in second-hand smoke. This can lead to everything from breathing problems, to diarrhea, to many forms of cancer. There’s no winning to being with smoking. Smoking really is a heartless jerk.



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