Smoke Free Kosova

Smoke Free Kosova

The Report: Smoke Free Kosova

The newly adopted Law on Tobacco Control in Kosovo that will effectively protect the public health from harmful effects of tobacco products consumption and exposure to tobacco smoke was the goal of the project.

Raising the general public awareness about the importance and change the new tobacco control policies are bringing in Kosovo society and supporting the scarce capacities of the implementing authorities in developing and implementing the regulations are identified as two most significant objectives to be achieved.

The public opinion has been mobilized through a tobacco-free policy awareness raising campaign “Breath Freely” launched on the World No Tobacco Day and marked with activities like the broadcast of the TV Spot “Breath Freely”, press conference with the main sponsors of the new Law and smoke-free Jazz Evening – “Celebrating the Change – Smoke Free Kosovo”.

Through accurate and immediate information and mobilization of public opinion and the media, people have become more supportive and ready to accept the change and enforcement of new tobacco control policies.

Addressing the lack of the capacities of implementing authorities and supporting and assisting them actively is crucial for the enforcement of new tobacco policies in early days for an effective enforcement of the new law.

The main achievements of the project are the successful lunch of the awareness raising campaign, establishing and functionalizing of both Inter-Ministerial Council and enforcement working group for Law on Tobacco Control and development of the action plan and administrative instruction.

Finally, the project has managed to gather, coordinate and catalyze the collaboration of all authorities responsible for law enforcement, enhance their capacities and raise awareness about the importance and change the new Law on Tobacco Control is bringing in Kosovo.


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