JO justifikimeve

At some point you will encounter a situation that will trigger an urge to smoke.

The key to getting through these situations without smoking is in educating yourself – understanding your triggers, and having a plan to overcome them. The Break It Off mobile app can help.


It’s a common belief that smoking relieves stress. Not true. Smoking actually makes your heart beat faster, your breathing quicker and raises your blood pressure. This is one of those nasty lies smoking likes to tell you. The sense of ease you feel when you smoke when stressed is caused because that cigarette is temporarily stopping a nicotine craving.

Tips for coping with stress:

Next time you feel stressed and want a smoke, take a few deep breaths. Count to 10. Or 100. Listen to relaxing music. Just don’t fall for the smoking trap. It’s not worth it.


Smoking would have you believe it can relieve boredom. Not even close to true. Here’s what’s really going on: when you’re addicted to smoking and don’t have a cigarette, something always seems missing. The funny thing is, you just don’t notice it as much when your mind is occupied.

Tips to eliminate boredom:

The best way to get over boredom is to get on your feet and get moving. You’re not a slave to smoking anymore, so find a healthy new hobby that’ll keep your body and your mind occupied.

Alkooli & Droga

Let’s face it – getting together with an old flame can seem like a good idea when under the influence of other substances. Somehow your mind seems to skip over all the bad times and think only of the good ones. Don’t fall for this. Smoking would have you believe that a little rendez-vous will make whatever time you’re having better. It won’t – it’ll only make it worse. The withdrawal symptoms will get stronger and your defenses will get weaker. Before long, the only thing on your mind will be those cigarettes you worked so hard to dump.

Tips to resist the urge to smoke while under the influence:

Nobody’s here to judge. It’ll go a long way if you avoided being under the influence of substances. It’ll help you break the association between those activities and smoking.

Vështirësi në Koncentrim

In the past when you needed to concentrate on something, you’d smoke. You probably even thought your cigarettes were helping you concentrate. Lies. Smoking blocks your arteries and veins. It decreases oxygen flow to the brain, making it hard to concentrate. Don’t believe that you need that smoke to concentrate, nothing could be further from the truth.

Tips to help you concentrate:

If you need to concentrate, take a quick break and try a relaxation exercise like deep breathing. This should help you focus on your task, beat the craving and keep you away from smoking. You can also try drinking water. This will keep you hydrated and can help you get reenergized to concentrate. It’ll help flush the bad stuff out of your system and keep your hands and mouth busy too.

Nevoja për Relaksim

Smoking never helped you relax, that’s another lie. Smoking is a stimulant – it raises your heartbeat, makes you breathe faster and raises your blood pressure. That is not relaxing. Hammocks are relaxing. Smoking is not.

Tips to help you relax:

There are a million real ways to relax – yoga, a good book, a walk in a park – try one of these methods and see the difference for yourself.

Pushimet e drekës

It’s ok to take your work break without smoking.

Tips to stay away from smoking during your break:

Take a short walk. Drink some water. When you feel refreshed, go back to work. You’ll feel better and you’ll probably be a lot more productive too. You’ll also smell better to others around you.

Kafeja me duhanxhinjë

Seeing your friends smoke might make you feel like wanting to do the same. Whenever this happens, think about this – every time your friends light up and see you not lighting up with them, they notice. And even if they don’t come out and say it, you never know which of your friends you might be inspiring to break-up with smoking too.

Tips to resist a smoke when with smokers:

If you find it too hard to say no to a smoke when you’re around your smoking friends, stay away from them until you’re at a better place in your break-up. Why not text them instead? If they’re real friends, they’ll understand.


Anger may seem like a great excuse to smoke. Someone or something got you so fired up, that only a cigarette will help. Yeah right. A cigarette won’t make you less angry – it’ll just feed your addiction and keep you under its control.

Tips to help you manage your anger smoke-free:

If you feel angry, remove yourself from the situation. Take a walk, take a few deep breaths or start counting to 100. Give yourself time to calm down – you can get through the situation without smoking.


Whether it’s first thing in the morning, with your coffee, while driving, or getting off the bus – we all have those times and places that we associated with smoking. We’re creatures of habit, and it can be hard to break old habits. Approach each of these situations with a new perspective – instead of wishing you could smoke, celebrate the fact that you don’t have to. You’re free from smoking, so enjoy that freedom!

Tips to help you change your routine:

For the first little while, it might help to change up your routine a bit. Take a new route to and from work. Wake up at a different time. Do whatever you have to do to distract yourself. And remember, cravings pass – they always do.